Porch, Staircase, and Cellar

Showing surviving features of the building (2009).
Current Status of Property

Though no longer visible from the road, the cottage that housed the Museum still stands. It now forms part of a larger property called Ruskin House, which is in private ownership.

The original floors of the cottage are in residential use as a self-contained flat. Most rooms retain their Victorian dimensions.

Change of Address

The cottage was originally listed as an address on Bell Hagg Road. The old approach to the Museum is captured in the engraving reproduced on the Homepage.

After the sale of the property, this approach was blocked by the construction of houses on Bell Hagg Road. The cottage was also extended to form part of the larger structure of Ruskin House. For these reasons, the building is now orientated in the opposite direction, with the main entrance facing south on to Bole Hill Road. The building's official address is now on that road.

Cellar Interior, July 2009 [Copyright Marcus Waithe, 2009]
Copyright Marcus Waithe, 2009; with thanks to John Smith, landlord of Ruskin House
Side View of Porch, July 2009 [Copyright Marcus Waithe, 2009]

All descriptions of rooms assume the old orientation, with the front of the property facing north on to Bell Hagg Road.

Hallway and Cellar

Modern photographs of the porch match the historic photographs closely, the only obvious change being the insertion of PVC windows and doors.

The first photograph shows the hallway, visible beyond the porch. It measures 135 cm across. A central staircase runs between the two downstairs rooms. This ground plan is typical of the Victorian housing stock in the Walkley area.

The cottage retains its original cellar. In common with the rest of the old interior, it remains separate from the rest of Ruskin House.

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