Downstairs Room

Showing interior in July 2009.
Chimney Breast, Downstairs Room, July 2009, copyright Marcus Waithe, 2009, taken with kind permission of John Smith, landlord of Ruskin House

This room is served by a hallway door, situated on the east side wall just beyond the porch area.

It is the most likely location of the 'Interior' gallery photograph, although this has not been established beyond doubt.


The room measures 386 cm (depth) x 361 cm (frontal width). It is 275 cm in height.

The chimney breast is positioned on the south wall. It measures 143 cm across, with alcoves on either side measuring 106 cm and 112 cm. The left-hand alcove is 10.5 cm deep, and the right-hand, 13 cm.

Copyright Marcus Waithe, 2009; with thanks to John Smith, landlord of Ruskin House

The room has two large windows, one positioned in the west side wall, and the other at the front (see photograph). The window at the west side is 113 cm in width, and the north window is 110 cm in width. The door to the room measures 85 cm across.

Surviving Victorian Features

The room retains Victorian wood panelling in the window bays, and some plaster moulding (possibly post-dating the time of the Museum).

Wooden windows have been replaced by PVC. The mantelpiece and fireplace have been removed.

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