Directions for Research
It is hoped that Ruskin at Walkley will provide the basis for further research. This might occur in the following areas:

  • Ruskin's relationship with Sheffield;

  • The history of cultural institutions in Sheffield and in other industrial cities;

  • The Museum's contribution to Victorian and modern debates about the accessibility of cultural institutions;

  • The relationship between Venice and the Museum, in particular the role of the Collection's 'memorial studies' of endangered Venetian architecture and painting;

  • The history of the St George's Museum and of the buildings associated with it;

  • The lives and backgrounds of those associated with the Museum, whether its curators, or its visitors;

  • The influence of the Museum's cultural treasures -- whether paintings, books, plaster-casts, or minerals -- on its visitors.
George Allen edition of Ruskin's works (Sunnyside, Orpington, 1890s)
William White, A Descriptive Catalogue of the Library and Print Room of The Ruskin Museum, Sheffield (Sunnyside, Orpington: George Allen, 1890)
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