1. Works by Ruskin

The Library Edition of the Works of John Ruskin, ed. E. T. Cook and Alexander Wedderburn, 39 vols (London: George Allen, 1903-12)
[volume 30 includes many documents relating to the Museum]

2. Manuscripts and Letters

Letters from Ruskin to Henry Swan, The Rosenbach Museum and Library, Philadelphia

Joseph Edward Southal, ‘Design for the Portal of St George’s Museum, Bewdley’, pencil, watercolour and gold, 1884, Collection of the Guild of St George, Museums Sheffield

Archives of the Guild of St George, Ruskin Gallery, Sheffield

3. Catalogues / Curatorial Works
[in date order]

Henry Swan, short catalogue of 1879

Swan, Howard, Preliminary Catalogue of the St George's Museum, Walkley, Sheffield. With notes on its aims and proposed development, and also of the nature and purposes of the St George's Guild (Sheffield: W.D. Spalding & Co., 1888)

White, William, A Descriptive Catalogue of the Library and Print Room of the Ruskin Museum, Sheffield. With Notes and Extracts from the Works of Professor Ruskin (Sunnyside, Orpington, Kent: George Allen, 1890)

__, A Popular Handbook to the Ruskin Museum, Sheffield (Orpington & London: George Allen, 1891)

__, The Principles of Art as Illustrated by Examples in the Ruskin Museum at Sheffield; With Passages…from the Writings of John Ruskin (London: George Allen, 1895)

Catalogue, in Cook and Wedderburn (eds), The Library Edition of the Works of John Ruskin (London: George Allen, 1907), XXX

Parker, Gill, The Ruskin Museum. A Popular Illustrated Handbook to the Collection of Minerals and Objects of Art (London: George Allen & Sons, 1911)

4. Press Reports and Obituaries

Bradbury, Edward, ‘A Visit to Ruskin’s Museum’, Magazine of Art (December 1879), pp. 57-60

Hancock, T., ‘Henry Swan the Quaker. The Personal Reminiscences of Mr. Ruskin’s Curator’, Pall Mall Gazette, 3 April 1889

Fun, 29 March 1876: a full-page cartoon of 'Saint Rusty' , entitled 'Playing with Edged Tools', with a halo labelled 'Super-Fine Art'

‘The “Faithful Steward” of the Ruskin Museum. (By One Who Knew Him.)’, The Pall Mall Gazette, 2 April 1889, p. 2

‘Whit-Monday at the Ruskin Museum’, The Pall Mall Gazette, 27 May 1890, p. 7

‘The Ruskin Museum at Sheffield’, The Daily Graphic, 15 April 1890, p. 5.


Modern Scholarship

Atwood, Sara, Ruskin's Educational Ideals (Ashgate, 2011)

Barnes, Janet, Ruskin in Sheffield (The Ruskin Gallery / Sheffield Arts and Museums Department, 1985)

Barringer, Tim, Men at Work: Art and Labour in Britain (New Haven/London: Yale University Press, 2005)

Casteras, Susan P., ‘“The Germ of a Museum, Arranged First for ‘Workers in Iron’”: Ruskin’s Museological Theories and the Curating of the Saint George’s Museum’, in Susan P. Casteras, et al, John Ruskin and the Victorian Eye (Harry N. Abrams and Phoenix Art Museum, 1993), pp. 184-209

Dearden, James S., John Ruskin's Guild of St George (Bembridge, Isle of Wight: Guild of St George, 2010)

Edwards, Hilary, 'Protecting Life from Language: John Ruskin's Museum as Autobiography', Biography, 32.2 (Spring 2009), 297-315

Griffith, Jeremy, The De Croy Book of Hours (Sheffield: Ruskin Gallery, 1993)

Hewison, Robert, Art and Society: Ruskin in Sheffield 1876 (London: Published for the Guild of St George by Brentham, 1981)

Morley, Catherine, John Ruskin: Late Work 1870-1890: The Museum and Guild of St. George: An Educational Experiment (London and New York: Garland Press, 1984)

Price, David, Sheffield Troublemakers: Rebels and Radicals in Sheffield History (Phillimore & Co, 2008) (see chapter on 'Ruskin, Carpenter and Early Sheffield Socialism')

Waithe, Marcus, Ruskin at Walkley: An Illustrated Guide to the Online Museum (Bembridge, Isle of Wight: Guild of St George, 2011)

NB A copy of this publication is available for £8 (Postage within UK, please add £1.00 per item; additional postage overseas, please add £1.00) from Norman Hobbs, The Guild Secretary, Clove Cottage, Mitten Road, Bembridge, Isle of Wight P035 5UP, United Kingdom. Cheques payable to the Guild of St George

--,'John Ruskin and the Idea of a Museum', in Persistent Ruskin, ed. by Keith Hanley and Brian Maidment (Ashgate, forthcoming)

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